Why Marlton, NJ is A Great Place To Live

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Have the best of both worlds–live in the quiet suburbs with excellent schools, and be right next to all the action of Philadelphia by living in Marlton, NJ. Even though the population is on the smaller side, it’s on the rise. So many new businesses and homes are popping up everywhere. This southern New Jersey town is perfect for growing families who are looking for safe neighborhoods and plenty of things to do.

1. Parks and Greenery: Without all of the toppling skyscrapers of Philly, you have wide open green spaces for parks, golf courses, and trails. Indian Springs Golf course, is a challenging golf course that is local. There are rolling hills that make for a fun 18 hole course. Diamonds at Arrowhead park, and Memorial park are sports complexes for local recreational sports for kids and adults.

There is plenty more space to stretch out and play sports in the green space around the city.

2. Premier Shopping: Shops and restaurants are expanding through the city. There’s a healthy mix of chain stores and local shops and eateries. You can go with something familiar that you know, or you can try something unique and local with a mom and pop store.

We don’t have to convince you that the food here is amazing. You already know that. But, having family owned food is even better. 

The classic recipes that have been perfected from years of tradition is more delicious than any chain restaurant.

Same for the shops. There are several boutiques and custom shops that specialize in honey, soaps, and jewelry.  Artistry from these stores are more impressive than any average chain shop that you can find anywhere else.

3. Great Schools: Not only is Marlton next to several top Universities in the nation, it also has excellent grade schools as well. Be confident that your child is getting the best education available when you send them off to any public or private school.

4. Crime Rate: There have been a handful of theft out of unlocked cars last year, and there were a total of 11 arrests. Compared to the rest of the country, that’s outrageously low. On the crime map, Marlton ranks one of the safest locations to live in New Jersey and in the country.

5. Close to Philadelphia: You don’t have to miss out on any of the fun activities that you used to do. You’re only a short drive away from the city where you can still do all of the nightlife activities that you love. You can go to all of the games, eat all of the cheesesteaks, and see all of the concerts by going down the highway a few miles.

No matter what neighborhood in Marlton you choose, you can rest assured that it’ll be an excellent home for you and your family. It’s a safe, growing area, with so much for both kids and adults to do. You’ll be happy to raise your family in the beautiful city of Marlton, NJ.

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