5 Interesting Facts About Marlton

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Unless you live in a big metropolitan city, you might not suspect that your hometown has much historical significance or unique claims to fame. You’d be surprised to find that many small towns, especially those like Marlton, NJ, have an interesting story! Newcomers and born-and-raised Marlton’ers alike will get a kick out of these interesting facts about Marlton.

  1. Marlton is one of the oldest cities in the nation: Marlton was founded in 1676 by Welsh and English farmers who were looking for large stretches of land with fertile soil. Plymouth and Jamestown had already been well established at that point, and numerous ships were coming in from European countries to claim land on the new continent. As these settlers moved inland, they found a comfortable spot in Marlton, and decided to settle in. The Welsh and English farmers generally kept to themselves and did not enter the politics of the time until much later in the 19th century. There were those that served in the Revolutionary War, but it was not a hot spot for cultural revolution.
  2. Where the name Marlton comes from: The city’s name wasn’t settled until the 19th century. Before that, it’s unclear what the town’s name was. Our unique name is derived from the marl clay that is found beneath our feet. It’s a lime-rich mudstone that has been created from ancient post-glacial lake beds with peat bogs. Marl clay became increasingly important as the industrial revolution began to amp up during the 1800s.
  3. Influential in the “building boom” of 1830-1840: The population across the nation is beginning to boom, and farmers are in desperate need of healthy fields. Marl clay is a perfect component to condition fields and get them ready for the next harvest. It is referred to as a soil conditioner and an acid soil neutralizer. The most common form that was mined was blue marl. Everyone across the nation needed marl clay, and we were the lead providers of it. Many people found work in mining this ore out of the earth to ship to farmers all across the young nation.
  4. Housed missiles during the Cold War: During the Cold War, everyone was nervous about Russia sending over nuclear weapons. To meet that threat and give our citizens peace of mind, the U.S. Army developed a plan called PH-32 Project Nike. They sent anti-aircraft missiles to numerous locations across the United States to eliminate any warheads in flight towards us. Marlton, NJ was a happy home to one of the launch sites for these missiles. It was located near the Cherokee High School on Tomlinson Mill Rd.
  5. Population has stayed the same: One thing that has baffled the statisticians is Marlton’s population rate. You would either expect to see population growth for a thriving town, or a population decrease for a town that doesn’t have much to offer. For us, Marlton has had the same population for over 40 years, dating back to 1970. The only thing that we can guess is that the people who live here must love it enough to never leave!

Marlton, NJ is a fun town that is full of historical mysteries. Don’t let its quiet outside fool you–there is a lot of interesting facts about Marlton to discover if you look hard enough. Take a weekend to stroll around the city, and you’ll start to appreciate the little things that make Marlton, Marlton.

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